We've remained rooted in tradition, but with clear projects for the future of every vineyard. Every vineyard needs to be right for the wine we have in mind, to express a sense of place, and bear our trademark style.

We like to think we have helped put Valpolicella wines on the radar of wine enthusiasts worldwide, because we have made them well-known and accessible to a large audience with a consistently recognizable and satisfying quality in the glass.

The Winery

The winemaking facility is functional and structurally dynamic to achieve optimal quality in every wine. From winemaking to the aging, we always weigh the best possible balance between traditional methods and opportunities to improve the quality of our wines through innovation.

Over the last decade, sustainable practices have been a priority as we gradually make improvements to our facilities. The heart of our winery is, of course, the aging cellar where our great Valpolicella reds rest for years until maturity. We have never cut corners on time, which we believe is paramount in every phase of the winemaking of our top red wines.

After years of experimentation, we ultimately chose premium, large Slavonian oak barrels for aging because of the limited contact with the wood and the quality of the wood, which slows contact with oxygen. Medium toasting of the barrels gives wines that maintain vibrant fruit and floral notes.

More extended aging in oak that doesn't overpower the distinctive aromas and flavors of each wine is the key to a style that is quintessentially Tommasi: elegant and immensely drinkable.

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Cantina Magnifica

The Magnifica cellar was completed in 2010 when we reorganized the logistics center of the winery. We enlarged the winemaking and stocking area when we added medium-sized wood barrels for a total of 4,500 hectolitres.

The most famous of these barrels is the "Magnifica", the world's largest aging barrel made by the historic Veneto producer Garbellotto. The Magnifica was built with 50 quintals of select oak with a capacity to hold 333 hectolitres and is the centerpiece of our new winery.

The Gallery

The impressive gallery which connects the Magnifica cellar and the historic cellar is lined with six large 80 hl casks and 133 barriques for the aging of Ca' Florian Amarone Riserva, Fiorato Recioto della Valpolicella Classico and Crearo Rosso IGT Verona.

Historic Cellar

Our first cellar was built in the '70s and is where we showcase the first three casks bought by our great-grandfather, Giacomo, in 1902. We've maintained the rigorous, no-frills ambience that is a constant reminder of where we came from and how far we have come.

The cellar is very much operative and is where we age Ripasso, Rafaèl Valpolicella Classico Superiore and Valpolicella Classico in large Slavonian oak barrels. Here, we also house the stainless steel tanks where the red wines rest after oak aging.